Library Foundation Appoints Its First Executive Director

Sue Seiter

Sue Seiter

The Board of Directors of the Library Foundation for Sarasota County has appointed Suzanne Seiter as its first executive director.

Seiter has led development and marketing efforts for the Free Library of Philadelphia Foundation and the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia. Since relocating to Florida in 2007, she has served as a management, marketing and fundraising consultant for a variety or organizations, including the Library Foundation .

Linda Getzen, President of the Library Foundation for Sarasota County, said, “Sue has been a consultant to the Library Foundation Board since we received our tax exempt status in 2012. She has helped us to create the policies and practices of a strong working board. With her guidance, we have successfully raised funds from private donors and created both an operating endowment and a Children’s Literacy Endowment. As the Library Foundation moves to the next level of organizational maturity, the Board is delighted that Sue will serve as our first Executive Director. “

Ms. Seiter is a graduate of The George Washington University and has been a Certified Fund Raising Executive since 1994.

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