Why Libraries Still Matter

Even in the digital age, libraries still play an essential role, particularly in Sarasota County. Nearly 75 percent of Sarasota County residents have library cards, and over 10,000 people visit the libraries in the system every day, while 30,000 more access information via the library portal from home, the office or virtually anywhere. Our libraries are embracing modern technology to reach new audiences and better serve their patrons. Library users can now check out electronic books for Kindles and Nooks, for example.

Many patrons rely on the public libraries for access to computers and a variety of online resources, including employment tools, applications for government and social services, language programs and test preparation tutorials. People depend on the library for current information sources relating to heal and wellness, finances, customer products, legal issues and genealogy, to name a few.

The foundation’s goal is assuring that our libraries remain innovative, leading-edge centers of learning and civic engagement.

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