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  • Sarasota County Libraries Providing Critical Support

    Linda sewing facemask
    Sarasota County Libraries have become a hub for the creation of 5,000 cloth face masks for Sarasota County’s essential employees. The county’s six Creation Stations each have sewing machines and crafting areas that library staff can safely use to create the masks. The libraries are joining the effort of other government departments to help keep the...
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  • A Message From Our Libraries

    digital books
    Due to Governor DeSantis’ most recent Executive Order Number 20-91, all Sarasota County Libraries and Historical Resources locations will be closed through Thursday, April 30. All physical material due dates are extended for the duration of the closure, so please don’t worry about getting your items back to the library...
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  • Sarasota County Libraries Closing!

    NOTICE: All Sarasota County libraries are closing today at 5 pm with curbside pick-up for books reserved through the catalog...
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  • Removal of late fines in Sarasota libraries proves successful

    Director of Libraries and Historical Resources Renee Di Pilato
    Since the removal of late fines in September, almost 300 people who previously owed fines returned to the library. For many, the library is a place where they can escape to a fairy tale world or travel through time. However, until recently, some people in Sarasota County were unable to...
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  • Bob Woodward: ‘The old order is dying’

    Bob Woodward
    In a Sarasota speech, Washington Post icon Bob Woodward, a two-time Pulitzer Prize winner, laments the state of media culture. SARASOTA — In assessing the impact of President Donald Trump’s acquittal in the Senate last week, Washington Post icon Bob Woodward reached deep into history Monday afternoon, to a funeral...
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