Get on board to fuel creativity!

Humorous drawing of a van bursting with technology, science and art materials.
Coming soon to a neighborhood near you:

Extraordinary space-age gizmos and marvelous high-tech contraptions with the awesome power to bring your imagination to life.

Since December 2018, Sarasota County libraries’ Creation Stations have offered patrons the opportunity to code, sew, power, print, build, design, draw, animate and otherwise explore hands-on ways to turn their dreams into real-world material. Made possible by transformative gift of nearly $1M from the Charles & Margery Barancik Foundation, Creation Stations at every Sarasota County library provide state-of-the-art devices for learning robotics, circuitry, computer coding, animation, craftwork and even 3D printing—available for solo projects or with help from a friendly librarian.

Now, the Foundation plans to take these technologies on the road in a “Creation Station on wheels.” Filled with a selection of computers, electronics and even books chosen to fit each location and its audience, the Mobile Creation Station will travel to schools, parks, farmers’ markets, beaches, senior centers, afterschool programs, and other community venues, empowering curiosity and driving creative learning.

The Library Foundation is currently raising $250,000 for the new mobile Creation Station.

Your gift will help fuel creativity and help the Library deliver creativity to all corners of Sarasota County.