Six Men and Women Who Are Making Venice Even Greater

They don’t wear capes or perform gravity-defying feats of daring. But to the lives they touch and the causes they support, they’re superheroes. From a high school senior to an 80-year-old real estate broker, these caring citizens are making our world a better place.

Caroline Kincaid

Caroline Kincaid is a young woman with an old soul. As a child, she begged her father to tell her tales about ancient Egypt instead of bedtime stories. And although she’s only 18, she’s a born teacher (maybe because both her parents are educators), eager to share what she knows with people of every age.

The Venice High School senior has spent hundreds of hours volunteering—240 hours in all, she thinks. But she admits she’s not sure. “I stopped counting because you get to the point where you have enough for your requirements and you just want to do it because it’s the right thing to do,” she says.

For three years, Kincaid has helped digitize the Venice Museum’s archives. She helps set up and tear down museum exhibits and acts as a docent. She also serves on the Venice Historic Preservation Board. And she volunteers as event photographer for exhibition openings.

“It’s cool because the older citizens always get excited to see someone younger,” Kincaid says.

“She always thanks us profusely for giving her the opportunity,” says Rhonda Rogers, administrative coordinator at the museum. But really, Rogers adds, “The honor is all ours.”

At Venice High, Kincaid and her friend Emilee Barrett helped found the Adopt-A-Soldier Club to send supplies to overseas troops. In Spanish Honor Society, she helped spearhead efforts to collect food and Christmas gifts for migrant families in Immokalee.

She also tutors younger students through the Math Honor Society and at Student Leadership Academy. Every summer she helps Taylor Ranch Elementary School teachers, including her mother, set up their classrooms.

Now, fueled by her passion for the past, she’s decided to major in history in college, then pursue a combined post-graduate law and master’s of business administration degree.

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