Why We Still Need Sarasota County Libraries*

As new technologies expand and offer us faster, cheaper and more accessible ways to read and learn, our Sarasota County Libraries are more important than ever. Consider all the things our libraries do for the community, now and in the future:

Create informed citizens
Community members can find the information they need to fulfill their civic responsibilities and participate in community decision-making.

Build successful businesses and non-profits
Business owners and non-profit leaders can find the resources and guidance they need to create and grow strong, viable organizations.

Connect people to the online world
County Library users have free, high-speed access to the digital world. Knowledgeable librarians help them use the resources and services available through the internet.

Encourage readers of all ages
Children from birth to age five can participate in the Born to Read, Imagination Library and other early literacy programs to ensure that they will enter school ready to learn to read, write and listen. Teens and adults can sign up for adult literacy programs.

Provide homework help
Students can get help with their homework and their research needs.

Assist people with job searches and career enhancement
Adults and teens can use hundreds of resources in our libraries to identify and apply for jobs that match their individual strengths and interests.

Create lifelong learners
Our libraries provide a place to explore personal interests throughout a lifetime.

Help people make informed decisions
People of all ages can find the resources they need to identify and analyze risks, benefits and alternatives before making decisions that affect their health, wealth and welfare.

Connect people to community resources
Library visitors will find a central source of information about the variety of programs, services and activities provided by community agencies and organizations.

Create a safe and comfortable space
Library visitors walk into a welcoming space when they pass through the library doors.They have opportunities to interact with others or to sit quietly and read, as well as access virtual spaces that support social networking.

* adapted from the Public Library Association

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